The Anointed One (LD 12, q&a 31)



Reading/Listening questions

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Suggested Bible reading schedule

MondayNumbers 13:1 – 14:10. Jesus is not the first to be deliberately given this name! Moses renames Hoshea (“salvation”) to Joshua (“the LORD saves”). What qualities does Joshua show here that we also find in our Lord Jesus?
TuesdayMatthew 18:1-20. In this teaching about the Kingdom and church, what is the importance of Jesus’ name?
WednesdayActs 4:1-22. What do the disciples claim about Jesus’ name? What is the response of unbelieving leaders?
ThursdayJohn 20:19-31. List five names or titles this passage uses for our Saviour in this passage. How does Thomas respond to Jesus? How does John want us to respond?
FridayPhilippians 2:1-13. What “name” did Jesus receive? What is the purpose of that name?
SaturdayHebrews 7:11-28. What aspect of Jesus’ work is discussed here? What makes Jesus unique in this task? What makes him perfect to do it?

Further Reading

Names of Jesus

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