The Anointed One (LD 12, q&a 31)

Introduction Questions Reading/Listening questions ? Suggested Bible reading schedule MondayNumbers 13:1 - 14:10. Jesus is not the first to be deliberately given this name! Moses renames Hoshea (“salvation”) to Joshua (“the LORD saves”). What qualities does Joshua show here that we also find in our Lord Jesus?TuesdayMatthew 18:1-20. In this teaching about the Kingdom and … Continue reading The Anointed One (LD 12, q&a 31)

The creation of the earth

In theology, a distinction is made between “first creation” and “second creation” (creatio prima/secunda). In the “first creation”, God created the whole universe and his heavens out of nothing; this is described in Gen. 1:1.* The “second creation” begins with the First Day in Gen. 1:3. Herman Bavinck writes in his Reformed Dogmatics (§2.269): “Genesis … Continue reading The creation of the earth