“Catechism” is instruction in the Christian doctrine. Students learn the basics of the Christian faith through simple questions and answers. The regular curriculum is designed for teenagers and follows the Heidelberg Catechism from 1561. The pre-confession class is a preparation for becoming full (“communicant”) member in a Reformed church.

Catechism lessons

(These lessons may also be used as sermons.)

Lesson 01: My only comfort (LD 1a)

Lesson 02: God, our Saviour (LD 1b)

Lesson 03: The law of love (LD 2)

Lesson 04: The image of God (LD 3a)

Lesson 05: Our corruption (LD 3b)

Lesson 06: Deserved punishment (LD 4)

Lesson 07: The search for a Saviour (LD 5)

Lesson 08: The God-Man Saviour (LD 6a)

Lesson 09: The holy gospel (LD 6b)

Lesson 10: The importance of faith (LD 7a)

Lesson 11: What we believe (LD 7b)

Lesson 12: Our three-personed God (LD 8)

Lesson 13: God, the Creator (LD 9)

Lesson 14: God, the Provider (LD 10)