Our corruption (LD 3, q&a 7-8)




Reading/listening questions

Discussion questions

  1. In what way are we like Adam and Eve before their fall? In what way are we different?
  2. How do we learn to sin?
  3. Is it fair to say that we are “totally unable to do any good”?
  4. How does this teaching of “original sin” and “total depravity” help us when we deal with our own sin or when other people sin against us?
  5. When we are “regenerated” by the Spirit of God, how does that change us?

Suggested Bible reading schedule

MondayGenesis 3:1-7. What wrong attitude led the woman to disobey God? What were the first consequences of sin?
TuesdayGenesis 3:8-24. What are some of the lasting consequences of the fall?
WednesdayPsalm 51. How does David portray his sinful self? How does he depict his “new self”? How will he accomplish that?
ThursdayRomans 5:12-21. How does Adam’s sin affect us? How does Jesus’ grace affect us?
FridayEphesians 2:1-10. How does this passage characterize our sinful nature? How does it describe the new life of the Spirit?
SaturdayJames 1:21-21. What practical wisdom do you learn from James about sin and temptation?

Further Reading

The transmission of sin

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