“Catechism” is instruction in the Christian doctrine. Students learn the basics of the Christian faith through simple questions and answers. This curriculum is designed for teenagers and follows the Heidelberg Catechism from 1561. The lessons have and can be used as sermons.

Second year

Lesson 27: Who is the Holy Spirit? (LD 20a)

Lesson 28: The gift of the Spirit (LD 20b)

Lesson 29: The church of Jesus (LD 21a)

Lesson 30: Sharing the gifts (LD 21b)

Lesson 31: Forgiven! (LD 21c)

Lesson 32: The body, too (LD 22a)

Lesson 33: A life of eternal joy (LD 22b)

Lesson 34: Being right with God (LD 23)

Lesson 35: Do good works count? (LD 24)

Lesson 36: The source of faith (LD 25)

Lesson 37: Washed clean (LD 26a)

Lesson 38: Buried and risen with Christ (LD 26b)

Lesson 39: Circumcision of the heart (LD 27)

Lesson 40: Eating and drinking Jesus (LD 28)

Lesson 41: Wedding feast (LD 29)

Lesson 42: Heavenly communion (LD 30)

Lesson 43: The proclamation of the Kingdom (LD 31a)

Lesson 44: The discipline of the church (LD 31b)