“Catechism” is instruction in the Christian doctrine. Students learn the basics of the Christian faith through simple questions and answers. This curriculum is designed for teenagers and follows the Heidelberg Catechism from 1561. The lessons have and can be used as sermons.

Third year

Lesson 46: There must be fruit (LD 32)

Lesson 47: Dying to the old nature (LD 33a)

Lesson 48: Coming to new life (LD 33b)

Lesson 49: The Ten Commandments (LD 34a)

Lesson 50: Jesus only (LD 34b)

Lesson 51: God’s way of worship (LD 35)

Lesson 52: Keep the Name holy (LD 36, 37)

Lesson 53: Heavenly rest (LD 38)

Lesson 54: Respecting the Lord (LD 39)

Lesson 55: The dignity of God’s image (LD 40)

Lesson 56: Intimacy in these last days (LD 41)

Lesson 57: Prospering the neighbour (LD 42)

Lesson 58: Speaking the truth (LD 43)

Lesson 59: Purity of heart (LD 44a)

Lesson 60: The end of the law (LD 44b)

Lesson 61: Praying to the Triune God (LD 45)

Lesson 62: Knowing that he listens (LD 46)

Lesson 63: Concerned for his majesty (LD 47)

Lesson 64: Eager for his kingdom (LD 48)

Lesson 65: Submissive to his will (LD 49)

Lesson 66: Dependent on his gifts (LD 50)

Lesson 67: Relying on forgiveness (LD 51)

Lesson 68: Protected from the Evil One (LD 52a)

Lesson 69: Celebrating his glory (LD 52b)