The creation of the earth

In theology, a distinction is made between “first creation” and “second creation” (creatio prima/secunda). In the “first creation”, God created the whole universe and his heavens out of nothing; this is described in Gen. 1:1.* The “second creation” begins with the First Day in Gen. 1:3. Herman Bavinck writes in his Reformed Dogmatics (§2.269): “Genesis … Continue reading The creation of the earth

Special offices in the Reformed churches

Essay written for the celebration of Reformation Day, 2021, and presented at Living Hope Free Reformed Church in Chatham on October 26, 2021. The Protestant Reformation criticized the church organization of the Middle Ages. Martin Luther first pointed out the abuse of power by the bishops and other clergy, but soon he opposed the system … Continue reading Special offices in the Reformed churches

Understanding the “image of God”

The creation narrative in Genesis 1 characterizes human beings as made “in the image” and “after the likeness” of God himself. In our very design and essence, we are closely linked to who God is: a wonderful thought! But what qualities do we have that constitute that image in us? Traditionally, there have been two … Continue reading Understanding the “image of God”